About The Cotswold Chocolate Company

The Cotswold Chocolate Company was started in October 2011 with the simple aim of making great chocolates.

Tony and Heidi have worked together for the last twenty years running an event management company. We often found ourselves buying in chocolates for events, seeking out artisan suppliers which led and sparked our interest in good quality, handmade chocolate.

It has taken a few years for us to take the plunge but the time has been well spent researching and acquiring the skills through professional courses and visiting chocolatiers in France, Belgium and the UK. Messy spells at the kitchen table have brought us to where we are today - making chocolates we are proud of.

Our children Toby and James have been the source of inspiration to make a range of children’s bars & novelty items which whilst still being fun and firm favourites are made with the same great ingredients to the rest of the chocolates. The two boys have become very discerning in their chocolate tastes and very popular with their school friends!

Our range of chocolates will grow as ideas and recipes are developed, we hope you enjoy them.

Eat me don't Keep me...